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Vlogmas and Advent of Code

Vlogmas and Advent of Code
By Shivan Sivakumaran • Issue #68 • View online
Kia ora e hoa,
It’s the first week of December! Normally the end of the year turns into a slump. To combat this, I’ve decided to take part in some ‘daily’ challenges.
First is Vlogmas, where I plan to script, shoot and edit a video once every 2 days until Christmas Day! On top of that, I also plan to do Advent of Code in Golang, which is a daily code challenge.
I’ve been in a few podcasts of recent time and they have been released for your pleasure. I’ve linked them below, so please let me know what you think.
Feel free to share this or any content with anyone who you would think will benefit. Thanks for reading and talk soon.
Ngā mihi nui, Shivan

  1. Podcast The Stag Roar — Ep214: Shivan Sivakumaran; Optometry AI A week ago, I was invited onto a podcast given by fellow Kiwi Optometrist, Ryan O'Connor. We talk about optometry and philosophy. Always grateful to be a guest on the show.
  2. Podcast Sci Grad New Zealand — S2E8 Here, I sat down with hosts Kai Man and Lorenzo, and we talked about my journey leading up to becoming an Optometrist.
i want to get better at videos
i want to get better at videos
If you want to be successful, you need to study success, not hate it or be envious of it. If you are envious, then you will distance yourself from success and make it that much harder to get there. Never be jealous. Never think someone is “lucky.” Luck is created by the prepared. Never think that someone is undeserving of the money they have. That only puts you one more step removed from the freedom you aspire to. I can tell right away that when someone is so envious and jealous, they will never get the freedom they want but will spend the rest of their life trying.
James Altucher, Choose Yourself!
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