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you think it's public but it's actually private

you think it's public but it's actually private
By Shivan Sivakumaran • Issue #89 • View online
the internet is a beautiful, vast place.

Kia ora e hoa,
“Aren’t you worried if your parents find out? What about your friends? Your boss?”
They won’t.
The internet is huge.
Take YouTube for example. It’s the second largest search engine behind YouTube. It’s one of the most traffic in the world, ever.
That means there are a lot of people using YouTube of different ages, backgrounds, and personality types.
Are you special? I’m not. I think there are people out there who are just like me - who are going through the same struggles as me, who have already gone through those struggles, and who will be going through those struggles. It’s a matter of finding these people.
Where are they likely to congregate? The internet.
You’ve heard of it, I’m sure. It’s a beautiful thing.
Now, it’s time to build that connection. But how? Be authentic. Raw. Unfiltered.
It comes to a point where you cringe with the thoughts of your friends and family watching this content.
For one thing, my parents aren’t interested in the videos I make. Remember how big the internet is big? As I write this, they are watching videos about planting plants in Sri Lanka. The change my video will be recommended to them is low.
Because YouTube has a smart recommendation system, as soon as my parents open the app, their attention is already gobbled up before the thought of searching my name is even considered.
Attention is finite but content is plenty.
If my parents were to stumble upon my video, then I know I’ve made it, and my problems and dreams will be more than worrying about what they will think.
That includes your boss and colleagues. The chance of them being recommended your video is super low. And the chance they are thinking about your to search you up is also astronomically low.
As for friends, and I’m talking about the good ones, will likely click on your video. But chances are they won’t stick to the end. And that’s not their fault. The videos you make aren’t made for them. It’s made your a person going through your struggles, past, present and future.
In which case you can put all your secrets near the end of the video. And this is where we introduce your most ideal audience member. These people are the most important people in your life. They are the reason you do what you do. They are the ones who watch to the end and offer their thoughts and opinions.
So when you publish content publically, thanks to the fences created by the sheer mass of content available, your ideas are only seen by a loyal, select few.
In summary:
  1. Your boss and the general public won’t even be recommended your content.
  2. Your friends might click on the video, but will not likely watch until the end.
  3. Your loyal audience member is who you make your content for.
So stop worrying and start sharing. You have some important things to say.
Stay focused and talk soon.
Ngā mihi nui,
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Shivan Sivakumaran

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