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your input would be greatly appreciated ;)

your input would be greatly appreciated ;)
By Shivan Sivakumaran • Issue #83 • View online
should i post daily? also ‘re-branding’

Kia ora e hoa,
I had an epiphany. While sitting in my examination room at work, the idea came: I don’t have to publish this newsletter once a week. Instead, I can post more often. Daily!
So I put a poll on Instagram to see what people thought.
And, the votes favoured towards sticking to once a week.
Every day might seem crazy.
But why would you want to publish a newsletter daily? If you’re going to become a better storyteller.
How do you become a better storyteller? You create more ideas.
And how do you create more ideas? You publish more.
And how do you publish more? First, you set yourself a realistically unrealistic goal, a newsletter every day.
Good storytelling is necessary for high-quality content.
But what if you run out of ideas? Nonsense. We have thousands of thoughts per day. Stories happen to us all the time. It’s our responsibility to be vigilant enough to observe them.
Short inspirational stories, quirky brain farts, and thought-provoking lightbulb moments happen all the time.
Another problem is burnout. And this might happen.
But I would be keen to give this a go for a month and see how I get along.
However, I’d like to ask you first.
We’ll see what the true verdict is next week… or even tomorrow.
One more thing, I’ve made a decision to slowly move away from optometry. I’m grateful for all the support that I have gotten so far (so thank you).
However, I’ve decided to keep elements of optometry as part of my branding aesthetic. It’s a nice call back to my soon-to-be origins.
Until then, stay focused and talk soon.
Ngā mihi nui,
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When thinking about it now, it was a funny story. However, at the time, it caused conflict. It’s a good life lesson in tribalism and not working as a team.
Shameful Story From My Time as an Optometry Student
Shameful Story From My Time as an Optometry Student
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Shivan Sivakumaran

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